Wirepas Massive Tracking is out!

After many successful deployments of Wirepas Massive in Smart Tracking applications we decided to create Wirepas Massive Tracking software package to help accelerate the deployments of Smart Tracking Projects by System Integrators.

Here are the main reasons why our customers have chosen Wirepas Massive to track their assets. The system:

  • is the simplest to install and provision.
  • has the lowest infrastructure cost. 
  • supports Location, Sensing and High density inventory.
  • is reliable in harsh environments. 
  • has long battery life.

Wirepas Massive Tracking is a great fit for Warehousing and Logistics, Health Care, Construction and Industrial applications.

 We are super excited to announce that Wirepas Massive Tracking package is now available.

  • This package makes Wirepas tracking features available to a wider number of System Integrators worldwide and allows them to run projects with their end customers as autonomously as possible.
  • It clarifies the integration process through a repeatable stepped procedure.
  • It provides a complete application for hardware vendors (tags and anchors). This application is the baseline for interoperability in the Wirepas tracking systems. Tags from different vendors using the same Wirepas Positioning Application can interoperate seamlessly, even if they use different chipset.
  • And, it facilitates the deployment by providing a dimensioning tool and simple installation guidelines.

Content of Wirepas Massive Tracking package

Here is a snapshot of the content of this release:

Embedded software

  • A complete application software to program the tags and anchors is available from the SDK section in Wirepas github. It is composed of:
    • An application which is a complete and production ready software for tags and anchors and uses the Positioning Library. The application is provided in source code and can be customized for specific hardware configurations.
    • A Positioning Library which implements the core positioning features.

The software is power optimized and supports:

  • Motion-based reporting: The positioning reporting period is shorter when the tag is moving and longer when the tag is still.
  • Pick-to-light: The tag will switch on an LED when receiving a specific command from the backend.
  • The application software runs on Wirepas Massive version 5.1.

This software is the baseline for multi-vendor interoperability going forward.

 Wirepas Positioning Backend:

  • The Wirepas Positioning Backend can be deployed either on-premises or in any cloud system. It is composed of Wirepas Network Tool (WNT) and Wirepas Positioning Engine (WPE) and it comes with a Self-Install-Service so you can deploy it in your backend. 
  • The Wirepas Backend consists of:
    • Wirepas Network Tool v4, supporting up to 50k nodes and now offering an easy to integrate JSON API.
    • Wirepas Positioning Engine v1.4, with improved floor accuracy and performances optimizations.

Complete Documentation

  • The package also includes all documentation both for System Integrators and Devices Manufacturer. It includes System Overview, Integration guide, Getting started guide, Dimensioning and Installation guides. Go to the Smart Tracking section in Wirepas Developer Portal to find out more.

Want to know more?

Watch our Wirepas Massive Tracking webinar replay!