Developer experience is at the heart of our Customer journey. The Community forum platform is the last pillar of our Wirepas Developer Portal that was launched one year ago. The forum provides more open and simple communication within the developer community. It also allows us to inform you better about the updates.

The community forum is organized per products: Wirepas Massive, Wirepas Massive Tracking, Wirepas Network Tool, and Wirepas Gateway and Tools. Each forum has a similar structure with 4 subforums:

  • Announcement: Get access to our latest updates with a subscription option to get notifications
  • Questions: Ask your questions and get answers from both Wirepas and the community enriching the knowledge base.
  • Tips and Tricks: Get access to specific articles related to typical errors or frequently asked questions to ease the development.
  • Ideas and Features: Share with us your ideas to improve our products, they can be related to the product itself but also its packaging, documentations.

The community forum is fully integrated with the developer portal including the Developer Portal search engine.


In this subforum, Wirepas publishes the latest updates related to our products. This includes for example new releases, important/new documentation updates, and bug notifications.

By clicking the Follow button you can subscribe to the forum and get notified each time something has been updated. By default, you are not subscribed to any forum. Hence, you can subscribe only to your preferred lists!


Questions subforum is the place to ask your questions to the developer community. This is a typical standard forum moderated by Wirepas where you can ask/reply to any questions related to our products.

The main objective of this forum is to get cross-developer relations as well as constantly enriching the knowledge base for the developers. Of course, this subforums success depends mostly on you!

Tips and Tricks:

This subforum contains tips related to a product. The subforum will re-group both tips and tricks related to the product and also include some frequently asked questions. This subforum is primarily filled by Wirepas but you can also propose and create your own posts. You can reply to a post or click if you have the same issue.

Ideas and Features:

If you have an idea for a new feature or an improvement, the Ideas and Features subforum is the place to ask! You can share here any idea to improve your product, simplify your integration or just make Wirepas products better and simpler. You can publish your request here and vote for other requests. 

Obviously, all requests will be taken as part of the Wirepas product roadmap definition which is defined globally for all our customers with priorities. So final decision on an idea will also depend on other business factors besides inputs received here.

The Community Forum complements the Wirepas Developer Portal. It opens communication between developers, allows to enrich the common knowledge base, and improves the communication from Wirepas towards the developer community.


This tool is yours, its success depends on you! So let us know for any comments, questions, or ideas.