The Wirepas SDKs are hosted on GitHub and are publicly available.

These can be installed using your GIT tools. However, and to avoid any Windows FIle formatting, we strongly recommend to use the WSL tools. This How-to provides with a go through using WSL and associated GIT tool.

Install GIT

Please refer to this documentation: Get started using Git on WSL | Microsoft Learn

To avoid issues with line endings, it is important to avoid Git changing LF to CRLF for Windows. Otherwise, Docker image will have issues when accessing the code. To avoid such conflicts, core.autocrlf shall be set to input.

git config --global core.autocrlf input

In case of any errors while setting core.autocrlf you can:

  • manually edit gitconfig file to set: autocrlf = input

Clone the Repository

Using WSL navigate to your working directory.

Then, type the following command:

git clone wm-sdk

where PROFILE must be replaced by the Radio profile you will be using. If you have any doubt, please refer to your sale representative at Wirepas.

Change to the directory of the repo you just cloned

cd wm-sdk

Checkout the wanted tagged release in case you don't want to stay on the master branch (currently you are on the master branch). Make sure you checkout the version corresponding to the Wirepas Mesh stack release you are using as indicated in the respective Release Notes by looking at the SDK release history:  

git checkout <Tag Version ie: v1.2.0 corresponding to Wirepas Mesh v5.1>

Optionally, create your own branch so you can customize your apps using version control on it

git branch my-new-branch-name

Please see Wirepas SDK documentation for further development guide.


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